Hi, I’m Becky (and Typhoo) and our mission is to support Coaches to avoid going back to the
9-5 by building an unshakeable foundation in their business through powerful, no-nonsense coaching & mentoring, bringing about IMMEDIATE RESULTS, ROI and increased happiness.


You’ve set up your Coaching business, now what?

You’ve invested in a logo, a business page, a website and you are posting regularly on socials and gaining some traction. You may even be so successful that you can’t tell your ar*e from your elbow. Either way, you are longing for more. More of something you can’t quite put your finger on!

I know.

I know too that you think the answer is create more, invest more, go on every 5-day challenge to improve what you are doing because you think YOU are the problem. I know because I was there a few years ago.  

I’m really happy to let you know that the problem isn’t you! According to Forbes, as of October 2023, there were 5.6 million businesses in the UK (UK.GOV) and 5,547,000 qualify as either small or medium businesses. According to ICF, in 2023 the coaching industry boasted an estimated market size of approximately £4.1 billion, a figure that is expected to grow to around
£4.91 billion in 2024. (ICF)

Do you think all those Coaches have got their ducks in a row?

I want you to be one of them who has! 

What would it feel like to know:

That you don’t have to go back to the 9-5?

That you can earn enough in your Coaching business to support yourself and your family?

I am the Coach for you if you are:

🧡 A Coach
🧡 Self-employed
🧡 Have been in business for 18 months+
🧡 Tried everything and nothing is working well and considering packing it all in and going back to the 9-5 or
🧡 Tried everything and everything has worked but you can’t tell if its Monday or Sunday and on the brink of burnout
(Yes I see you!)
🧡 Ready to take serious action, have fun, and don’t mind a challenging secret weapon (me!)

I am not the Coach for you if you are:

🧡 Wanting to scale to the 6/7 figure brigade
🧡 Don’t like to be challenged (with love)
🧡 Not open to change

Most coaches think the answer is in the next qualification or the next course.
After a while they start to believe they are the problem. YOU ARE NOT!

I help you see your strengths and drivers through scientific profiling tools and harness them to create a business based on YOU and on your terms!

Many Coaches struggle to price their services. Together we look at how our natural strength of empathy, when overplayed, causes us to wrestle with many parts of business ownership.

Together we work with who YOU are to create a coaching business that works for you. Together we create boundaries that mean that you can make enough money to avoid going back to the 9-5.

We know that so many people need our services and that what we offer is lifechanging for many.

Together we create a business that uses your unique strengths, so that you are running the business you wanted when you went self employed. We create the perfect recipe for success for both you, and your clients.

Create a

‘YOU shaped’ Business

You have a gift, you are desperate to transform lives as yours has been through coaching and yet, despite reading the THOUSANDS of self help books, joining every 5 day challenge of Tom, Dick and Harriet, nothing is sitting right.

You have said yes to coaching anyone with a pulse just to get the money in but you are still riddled with self doubt and can’t see a way that this can be sustainable. That is where I can help.


What it is like to leave a career due to burnout and how hard it is to believe you can be successful in your business.

What it is like to feel low, frustrated, and depressed and start the doom scroll and comparisonitus.

What it is like to try lots of new ideas only to become a master of none!

What its like to feel like everyone is succeeding but me.


How amazing it is to build a business using my unique strengths and profiling to create a business I want to work in.

How it feels when life is breathed back into you.

How wonderful it is to finally say to NO to people, places, and situations that don’t fit your YOU SHAPED business.

How it feels to become positive and empowered with knowing your unique strengths and self-awareness.

How it feels to never settle for anything less than you deserve.

I can support you in embracing a wonderful new way of living and running your business on an unshakeable foundation.


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