Are you ready to transform your business and your life with powerful, no-nonsenSe coaching & mentoring bringing about IMMEDIATE RESULTS AND ROI?

Hi, I’m Becky and my mission is to support business owners to regain control & prioritise themselves giving them effective & Immediate results!

That is not a flimsy promise, it’s a copper plate guarantee that when we work together,

I am all in… Are you?

My mission is to support business owners (and their teams) from reaching a point of burnout by focusing on your unique strengths to build an unshakeable foundation on which you can grow personally and professionally.

Coaching gives you choice and enables you to make the right decisions for you and your business. I believe in solution-focused, action-driven, no-nonsense coaching. No one likes pain, no one enjoys wallowing round for hours so let’s get to work on making changes that work for you.

I am known as a safe pair of hands. I am a qualified Coach, Mentor, Group Facilitator, and Coaching Supervisor with 24 years’ experience of working with people and positively influencing their lives both within education and coaching! I offer a warm, empathic but lovingly direct approach and I work with you to create a business you actually want to work in. So what are you waiting for?


Learn to challenge boundaries and make sure your voice is heard!  You will have the opportunity to form relationships and connections to strengthen your business in a variety of ways by being in my inner circle of coaches and collaborators in my power packed community! That’s why I call you warriors! 

I run a taster of group coaching (Power Packed Warrior Connect) in Hazel Grove, Cheshire where you will have access to other amazing entrepreneurs, an amazing network of people who get together, collaborate and support each other over a taster of group coaching. I also run group coaching for business owners & coaches.

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