Oxford Dictionary: Warrior
1. (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter, “the warrior heroes of ancient Greece.”
2. Standing yoga poses to encourage feeling centred and strong.

Urban Dictionary: Warrior

A person who overcomes and succeeds. A warrior will often be troubled in life but will persevere in the end. Often intelligent, strong, determined, and skilful.

Coaching Works

We’ll get back to warriors shortly. For now, let’s talk about coaches. God no, not the footy sort or even the day trip type. Coaches like me – business coaches. Life coaches, even. Mentors. Help-you-get-yourself-together-and-kick-ass-ers. Some see coaching as a bit new age, airy-fairy, woo woo and sure, some coaches work that way. And that’s fine if it’s what you need, what works for YOU. I can even do it, a bit, where necessary. BUT. It’s not me. And, I suspect, as you’re here, it’s not you, either.

Coaching is brilliant, end of. Westfield Coaching is a little different. Like me, it’s not common-or-garden, nor bog-standard. With Westfield, coaching aims to give YOU choices and power. The power to say no. The power to set goals – and boundaries. The power to do what YOU do, the way you want to do it. The ability to STOP bloody apologising just for bloody being. Coaching puts YOU first so you can finally put YOURSELF first.

One For All; All For One

Now, not everyone who could benefit from coaching (which is pretty much everyone, to be honest) wants or needs the one-to-one stuff. What’s more, talking and being part of a group can make a big difference. It can bring accountability, recognition, support and camaraderie; team spirit. The thee musketeers had it right: all for one, and one for all.

Don’t worry, I will ask a lot of you, but not usually swashbuckling, derring-do or horseback stunts. A disclaimer, though. If that IS your business, I want to come and watch.

Been There; Done That. Let’s Do it for You

Anyhoo, focus. Warriors. Group coaching. Ah, yes. As something of a warrior myself – I’ve been there, burnt out, hit rock bottom. I’ve felt utterly bloody hopeless and not so much bounced back up as clawed my way – let me introduce the Westfield Warriors. Westfield Warriors is group coaching, but not as you know it.

Yes, I’m a qualified Coach, Mentor, Group Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, experienced in Time Line Therapy® and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have over two decades of experience. Once I got back MY mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, that’s when I knew I needed my black belt in boundaries. Blah, blah, bloody blah. All YOU need to know is what group coaching can do for YOU and YOUR business.

• Do YOU run around like a blue-arsed fly?
• Do you procrastinate (or will you do so tomorrow)?
• Are you afraid to say no?
• Are you sick of blaming so-called impostor syndrome for not facing your fears and getting ON with stuff ?
• Have you ascertained what’s important to YOU?

STOP settling for less than you deserve. It’s time to harness the power you DO have, to be the best you can be and do what YOU want to do. Time to just say NO to anything you don’t want to do. 


Find Your Superpower

Group coaching can be immensely powerful. Collaboration, networking and inspiration are just part of it. Getting different perspectives and insights, too, as well as being challenged – and being held accountable. Never underestimate accountability.

Each Westfield Warriors cohort is a wonderfully small, supportive community of business owners like you. Who, like you, aim to grow their businesses and develop their connections. So, all that AND focussed coaching from ME. Now, I don’t much sing my own praises BUT I know that I am a skilled and highly effective Coach. I know this because my experiences have given me insight and empathy, and my Coach and subsequent Mentors have changed my life. Saved it, in fact.

Find Your Super Coach

Don’t just take my word for it. When making ANY decisions, do your research, check and verify the reviews. Choosing a coach is no different. There are good and not so good, and there are also horses for courses. That is, different coaching styles work better for different people and vice-versa. Crucially, if I’m not the coach for you, I’ll suggest someone who is. Because getting it right for YOU is what matters.

One of my warriors explains just how her life and work have changed. This is pretty much verbatim, no spin or gloss, just real thoughts and replies:

1.What did you hope to get from coaching with me? Were your expectations met?
Answer: Help me focus on my business each month and explore new avenues of growth and new ways to solve problems. Yes, you met my expectations.

2. What was the thing you benefited from and enjoyed the most?
Answer: The tribe. I felt incredibly supported by the group. I didn’t need to explain anything, there was no judgement, only offers of help and encouragement.

3. What will you now do differently?
Answer: Speak up more when I’m struggling. Use the 10 facts when I feel fearful. I’m sure of my boundaries and able to say no without guilt.

4. What do you see as the major business insights or breakthroughs you made through coaching?
Answer: Major insights – sharing fears about your business with other businesswomen can be a real eye-opener. Building a strong support network can save you from going round the bend. Major breakthrough; understanding and believing that “NO is a complete sentence.”


Working with Becky as my coach in Westfield Warriors saw me achieve many amazing things. Here are some of my highlights:

• Driving lessons, I never thought I would have the courage to learn after all this time.
• Changing my business model to focus on one key area instead of trying to spread myself across many areas.
• Learning how to recognise impostor syndrome before it takes hold, how to sit with it and logical dismantle the feelings to understand what’s really going on and then banishing it.
• Ability to say no, learning that “No”, is a complete sentence, and more importantly, believing that.
• Finding my own balance between work and play.
• Getting to the core of me, what makes me tick and why I like to do certain activities and pieces of work.
• Understanding why I sometimes get angry and what lies beneath that (and then how to solve it).

Being part of Westfield Warriors meant being part of a tribe of strong independent women. I admire and respect them all. And felt that reciprocated from each of them. Mutual respect was bound with a desire to see us all succeed in whatever we want to do, guided by our leader Becky.

It’s an amazing experience and one I highly recommend.

Ba a Warrior With Us

Westfield Warriors is a group of incredible, talented women, who are ready for more. We dream big and identify the barriers to bringing those dreams to fruition. Whether that’s:
• Fear
• Loss of control
• Lack of belief
• Lack of confidence
• Lack of time
• Worrying what people think
• Or something else entirely

Decisive action can break down these barriers. Working in group coaching can identify and challenge these beliefs. That’s the first step. Then we combat fears with clear facts. Then, we flick them off our shoulders one by one and march onwards.

More than that, we support: surround yourself with people who know what it’s like to wear all the hats, to juggle all the balls. Who know how it feels when it’s just YOU. Self-employment can be a lonely place. Westfield Warriors is open now for new recruits, so you certainly are not alone.

Take the first step towards freedom, towards believing in yourself. Book a call today and discover a way to be part of something magical!

Love, Becky x