My job is to make myself redundant!

I do this by equipping you with life-long skills FOR LIFE!!!! Coaching is not a talking therapy for life, nor is it a quick fix. I can assure you though that working with me will give you the skills to face anything head on!

Confidential and bespoke 1:1 and group coaching & mentoring enables you to explore what you want from life and your business in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

It is solution-focused, action-based, and we will work together to discover the route you need to take to become more efficient and effective in the shortest time possible using your unique strengths.


From a fully qualified and experienced coach, mentor, supervisor and group facilitator, you will feel empowered, energised, and focused with a clear vision on how to move forward from our first session.

With strong boundaries in place we will work together to build an unshakeable foundation on which you can build an incredible business. Together we will set actions that will challenge you and bring about huge personal growth and confidence. We will find those non-negotiables and, even better, you will gain the confidence to ask for what you want and need in a way that suits you with assertiveness and absolute clarity.

Coaching & MENTORING Packages

I have four programs for you to choose from that have been designed specifically to meet your needs and to enable you to refocus on your strengths and unique talents to create a business that truly works for you and your life!


There are hundreds, if not thousands of coaches available to you, so why me?

Firstly, If I am not the right Coach for you, I will tell you! If I know a coach who is better suited to give you a short cut to the results you want because of a specialism, I will refer you. No question. I adhere to ethical guidelines of the EMCC and I am a coaching supervisor so I have access to exceptional coaches.

My primary aim in my business is to help business owners prioritise themselves. I recognise time is precious and I won’t waste yours, or mine, trying to do something when something or someone else is better suited. One of my business core values is fairness and it is only fair to have you in front of the right person for YOU. 

If you are accepted as a client it is because I can guarantee I am the best coach for you. I can guarantee results if we work together and I hold you accountable for the actions we set during our time together.




I can wholeheartedly recommend Becky! Having had a couple of business sessions with her (which I will definitely be doing every couple of months) I have seen first hand the way she works, the way she unpicks things and creates that lightbulb moment and then helps you implement that into your business to make it run better and make life easier for you! If you’ve been thinking about booking a session with her, do it. You will not regret it.

L Baird, Media Angels


Becky has been my business mentor for the best part of a year now and what an amazing lady she is! It’s not only the huge amount of information that she has imparted that has been hugely helpful, it’s her general all-round fabulousness – always makes me laugh, keeps me on point, no messing. She is just that breath of fresh air that brings energy and lightens your day, intuitively asking the right questions to get you moving in the right direction. All in all, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

S Hambly, Coach for Doctors


If you want positive results both personally and professionally then I highly recommend working with Becky. She has worked with our full staff team, facilitated inservice trainings, worked with staff on 1:1 and helped our management team embed a new appraisal procedure into the business which has been all based on the GROW Model and allowed for thought provoking, challenging conversations and a great opportunity to empower the team . Becky has passion, enthusiasm and a very persuasive manner that sees fantastic results. We will be continuing to work with her in the future and highly recommend her for what she does .

C. Cliff, Manchester Occupational Therapy Services


I found the spotlight profile fascinating. It was uncanny how much the process uncovered about my strengths and challenges and I know I’ll use this information to help me in all aspects of life. The graphics generated are super clear and make great quick reference points to keep handy ready for when I’m faced with difficult decisions or when I want to round up random thoughts into a plan. Becky is highly knowledgable and not only interprets the profile results in great detail but also spends time helping you to see how the insights can be incorporated into real life scenarios. I highly recommend the Spotlight profile and feel it’s a fabulous addition to Becky’s coaching portfolio!

C Barton, Hound Solo – Dog Behaviourist and Trainer



“I met Becky when I was not really thinking about a coach, however after speaking with her I loved the sound of the group coaching. It was the best decision I made joining her Warriors group. She creates a safe challenging space for the warriors and asks questions that really make you think about your business. During lockdown Becky has worked to ensure that the group has grown closer together. She has always been on hand for advise and has worked with us to help us think about ways we can ensure our businesses survive this tough business environment.”


“Becky is a naturally gifted coach with the innate ability to bring the best out of her clients, simply she is a talented all round coach with the skills, experience, and qualifications to back up her outstanding reputation. in the industry.

I had the incredible honor to mentor Becky in developing her coaching business and she was an absolute pleasure to work with, her tenacity and consistent commitment to the task at hand is testament to her ‘never say die’ attitude in both her coaching and the work she does developing her own business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, she is simply outstanding in every department, but don’t take my word for it, have a chat with her yourself and you will quickly see what I mean”


“I’d without question highly recommend Becky for her group life coaching classes. She is so knowledgeable, helpful, caring, supportive and funny. You come away every week empowered and the strategies DO WORK. Highly solution focussed and a lovely person too. Very lucky to have met her #lifesaver”.