Part of my journey in becoming a Coach has been to meet some wonderfully honest coaches both professionally and personally during my own coaching journey. They have been inspirational in their disclosure and as Chris Dudley speaks about his depression and OCD in Happiful Magazine I am again inspired, if not a little fearful, of how much disclosure is too much for me?

On a 1-1 level I give my all. Full disclosure about my journey, my depression, anxiety, and history of mental illness. Thankfully it is now encouraged to not be ashamed of mental illness however the same cannot be said for other illnesses that can be deep-rooted and that requires outside agencies or support groups to keep the ‘black dog’ away.

Cryptic messages and subliminal messages are not my way as I live each day as honestly as I can. There is nothing worse than hiding your truth through fear of judgement only to find yourself, driving and wanted to drive head-on into a wall. Chris talks about removing his final mask, removing it and casting it aside.

So here is my final mask. My name is Becky, I am a recovered alcoholic and I am proud to be 15.5 years sober today.