Hands up if you’re feeling pretty mental.

Now how many of you are self-employed and mental?

Last question I promise..

Where do you go when you’re the one who is meant to have their **** together as a business owner?

My name is Becky and I work with (but not exclusively) female business owners to ensure they look after themselves whilst they look after their businesses.

As a coach and mentor I am expected to have my **** together right?

So imagine how I felt when 18 months ago I felt like everything was going to ****.

Me, my health, my weight, My mental health, and my business.

I was paranoid, insecure, exhausted, totally irrational, and dramatic….

And then I became peri-menopausal!

At the end of March 2020, according to the NHS, just over 1,000,000 people were in touch with adult mental health services. Mental Health England reported that one in six adults of working age had symptoms associated with mental ill health.

That would mean that 283,333 of the 1.7 million female business owners were suffering. |Now imagine on top of that perimenopause starts.

Paranoia…. anxiety…. self-doubt… insecurity… irrational thoughts …rage… fear…… depression….. you can add to the list.

At 45 I felt friendless, demotivated, deflated, insecure, lonely, and lost. I knew absolutely that something was wrong but I didn’t equate it to that b**t**d PERI.

I was too embarrassed and ashamed to admit I didn’t have my **** together because there I was helping other people with their **** successfully.

Finally, after making (poor) decisions about my services, resigning from associate work (again), isolating myself away from friends and family, and taking everything personally, I realised I needed to do something quick. Nothing made sense.

I had to take action. I had to take my own advice.

Now imagine being told that how you are feeling is perfectly normal…

That it is your mind and body’s response to what your hormones are doing.

Can you feel the relief knowing that there are things that you can do to support you? More importantly can you feel the relief knowing that it’s not you, it’s PERI!!

PERI – Pesky, Exhausting, Ridiculous, Irritating.

Otherwise known to me as b**t**d.

I just wanted to share some tips to help you if you feel just like I did 18 months ago.

1.      Talk to someone – I chose to speak to Helen Clare. She has a wealth of knowledge and put my in the right direction of speaking to medical professionals

2.      Speak to your friends and family and tell them what’s going on. They will understand the need to isolate. They will understand the need to change plans through exhaustion and forgetfulness if necessary. Most importantly those that matter will stay.

3.      Timetable rest into your work diary, this has to be non-negotiable. And before you question whether that’s even possible let me tell you it is.

4.      Remember our irrational thoughts are often NOT FACTS. Sound them out. Get a Coach to work your ideas out with, or a mentor to make sense of everything and help you make decisions until you can trust yourself again.

5.      Finally, remember to be kind to yourself.

If 283,333 female business owners already suffer from poor mental health why would you berate yourself for some ******* called Peri?

The amazing news is that despite all of this, my business has flourished. I have taken the time to find a way through various medicines and alternatives and have finally, I believe, found ways to function whilst sustaining a thriving business as well as looking after my health!.

I prioritise myself in my business and I believe it became easy to manage the symptoms of perimenopause without having an impact on my business because of this. In fact, from doing so I recognise how making myself a priority is an absolute necessity and not an optional extra.

My name is Becky and I work with (but not exclusively) female business owners to ensure they look after themselves whilst they look after their businesses. My mission is to help not only the 283,333 but to help prevent there from being anymore!

If you would like to talk about how you can put yourself at the top of your priority list. Why not book a call? The link to book is below…. and I certainly won’t judge you for not having your Sh*& together!


Photo by Gillian Walsh