What is the POWER PACKED Community?

POWER PACKED COMMUNITY is a closed, INCLUSIVE membership for serviced based business owners who are looking to grow their businesses through learning together, growing together, and working together both personally and professionally.


Many of the members are trusted associates who I have worked with personally.

This is not a group to sell your services directly but rather looking for opportunities to learn together, grow together and work together as a community.

There will be set days to encourage engagement, support, ask for help, share tips and MOST importantly look after your well-being.

This group is an amalgamation of all of what I have produced during the 7 years of Westfield Coaching, Collaborating, Coaching, Supervision, Mentoring and connecting with amazing collaborators who all share the same values.

This is a low-price membership so that we can grow together. There will be opportunities within the group to work with me on a 121 basis.


This membership consists of:
Monthly ‘tool’ workshops.
Monthly speed networking online.
Monthly social media hours.

Collaboration Opportunities 

Referral opportunities will naturally happen but you are NO WAY OBLIGATED. It is expected that you will have a referral agreement prepared with agreed terms.

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