POWER PACKED is a closed, INCLUSIVE membership for coaches and collaborators who are looking to grow their businesses through learning together, growing together, and working together both personally and professionally. ALL ARE WELCOME.

What is included for £45PM?

Learn together: 

  • We share resources, ideas and collaborative opportunities to work together
  • Tool Workshops Monthly

Grow together:

  • Fast, action packed Social Media Sessions Monthly to stop procrastinating. Described by one member as ‘Pomodoro method on speed’.

Work Together:

This is your monthly ‘connect’ to actively find collaboration opportunities with good people and help others to find exactly what they are looking for.

What is involved?

This is a group of wonderful people, looking for opportunities to learn together, grow together, and work together as a community. 

Selling may be a byproduct of wonderful connections.

There will be set days to encourage engagement and the more you put in, the more you get out. 

This is a light touch membership but you will have exclusive opportunities and special offers to work with me and have the opportunity to access a network of forward thinkers and action takers!

WE run an INCLUSIVE community and EVERYONE is welcome.

What Now?

I’m tired of watching people struggle, tired of people holding their cards too close to their chest that people miss opportunities to learn, grow AND collaborate. We are stronger together than we are alone!!!

This group is an amalgamation of all that I have produced during the 7 years of Westfield Coaching, Collaborating, Coaching, Supervision, Mentoring and connecting with amazing collaborators. This is a low priced membership so that we can grow together at an affordable price and be supported along the way.


You are asking yourself  – What am I doing?, Who can I talk to about this?, How do I do that?, Why am I even doing this?, Where do I find collaborators?

I pride myself in answering such questions by opening up my network for you to have access to short cuts, avoiding mistakes and embracing great opportunities with tried and tested collaborators who share the same ethical values of high value at affordable prices.

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