Westfield Collaborators for you and your team

Westfield Collaborations is for business owners who want to adopt a coaching culture and solution-focused approach to leading a team. Staff wellbeing will be the top priority as this leads to a successful business which in turn results in more profit and less absences. 

During these collaborations, we will work together to find out staff motivators and drivers. Using their individual learning styles we will work together to create positive, solution-focused actions that really lean in to their strengths increase their self-esteem and confidence within their role.

We will explore communication styles and renegotiate boundaries so that everyone can be responsible for their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and have a wonderfully balanced life. 

Accountability will be key to this program so that actions set can, and will be, achieved using a coaching approach where people take ownership for their commitments. 

These sessions will promote team building, openness, and transparency, a platform to grow together and master strengths bringing about amazing results both personally and professionally.





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