Coaching Supervision is a requirement for professional coaches who belong to an professional membership organisations such as ICF or EMCC and who adhere to an ethical framework that creates and promotes best practice for everyone working in mentoring, coaching and supervision.

De Haan writes that supervision is ‘a process one which new practical knowledge is generated while taking account of (ethical) principles. Practical knowledge is nothing other than an irreversible change in potential actions’ (Erik De Haan, 2012)

Bluckert (2006) Describes supervision as ‘the time and space to reflect on one’s work either with a senior colleague, in a lead group or with peers.’ He continues, ‘it is an opportunity to receive support both practical in the form of ideas and suggestions and emotional, in the sense of sharing issues and when appropriate reassurance. He also states that ‘supervision can be a place for ongoing learning and professional development.”


I have two programs for professional coaches to choose from that have been designed specifically to meet your needs and to enable you to refocus on your strengths and unique talents to create an ethical and thriving coaching business that truly works for you and your life!


I am passionate about the field of coaching. I am a solution focused, experienced and qualified coach with a proven track record of working with coaches to build & grow their business over the last 5 years as part of my coaching practice. You do not just get a Coaching Supervisor. You get an experienced business owner, a mentor, a coach, a trainer, and experienced marketing mentor for coaches. 

I am an exceptional Coach and I want you to be too! I offer a no-nonsense, kind & transparent approach which is action based, forward thinking & effective. Together we will make a change within the coaching industry and to the lives of our clients through supervision.


I wanted to leave a review as I have been having coaching supervision with Becky for the last 5 weeks and it has been incredible.

Becky is so full of knowledge. For everything that I took to the session, Becky was able to offer ideas and talk through proven coaching methods for me to use with my clients. Becky is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful person to have in your life and business.

Becky will be your biggest cheerleader and an amazing support. Becky made me feel at ease immediately and I always came away from the supervision feeling incredible.

Thank you so much Becky. I would highly recommend.

Alison Calder


‘I really enjoyed the session and I feel more hopeful and confident in my ability to make my business work than I have in a long time.’



‘I utilised everything we spoke about in a session later on in the week and it went really well. I was extremely grateful to supervision and the opportunity to reflect and critically analyse my best practice.’

Nadia Myerson Coaching


Being a part of this supervision group has really changed my mind on group supervision after I came into the first session reasonably dubious and nervous. You have provided a safe, informative, supportive and encouraging space and I am incredibly grateful for that. Thank you!


I love the rapport everyone has in the group and the sense of community; everyone is happy to support everyone else and it was great to share tools with other coaches!


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