Ever had that feeling of being overwhelmed as soon as you wake up? or that chatter that starts as soon as you open your eyes feeding you with negative self talk? Where does that come from, all you have done is slept!. Many people who suffer with anxiety or depression are gripped as soon as the light comes up. Almost as if this lunatic has been doing press-ups in the corner of your bedroom whilst you slept and was alert and ready as you began to stir.

So what can we do if this takes hold? Mel Robbins encourages us to count down 5,4,3,2,1 and get up without hitting the snooze button, Les brown encourages us to say ‘Thank you’ for everything we have in our lives as we awaken and Rhonda Byrne also talks about the power of gratitude and all that it can bring in her book entitled ‘The Magic’.

But what do you do if you just cannot see that glimmer of light to even bring about an ounce of gratitude? What if it is just enough to the next right thing which may be just as simple as feeding yourself well in the morning to start your day right? What truly is the next right thing for you?

One foot in front of another, what can you do that will bring about change in your life to get you one step nearer to where you want to be? Go on, take 5 minutes to think, breathe. Tell yourself you can do this, I believe in you!…… and then step forward. Even the tiniest steps may be the next right thing! You may be surprised at what influence these little things can bring about!.

Much Love. Becky xx