Your business success is down to YOU. That’s right. Ain’t nobody else to blame – or bloom. YOU can choose to succeed. Sure, nobody would choose to fail, but it’s a little like the old adage, isn’t it? Something about failing to plan equalling planning to fail. Choosing to succeed means taking steps to do so, putting plans and procedures in place, prioritising yourself and working ON your business, not just IN it. Westfield isn’t business coaching, per se, but coaching FOR business owners. Business owners like YOU. It’s time to make an impact.

Take Back Control

That’s why we’ve developed our brand, spanking NEW programme, IMPACT. Designed and formulated specifically for small business owners, IMPACT will empower you to be confident, accountable; to take back responsibility. In turn, this will allow you to take back control and choose. STOP choosing to continually sacrifice yourself and your wellbeing for the sake of your business! STOP being pointlessly busy. Instead, choose to take back control and direct all your strength and skills to create the business you originally envisaged – your dream. It’s YOUR choice!


How Do You Make an Impact?

“But, Becky, WHAT is IMPACT?”, I hear you ask. No, I do, really. Well, obviously, the best thing to do would be to book a call – free and no-obligation, naturally – and let’s talk. In the meantime, here’s a little taster. A sneak peek, if you like:

“IMPACT: A powerful productivity framework that’s specifically designed around you and your business to deliver results quickly and consistently.”

Sounds good, right? Sounds like JUST what you need, in fact. I know that, because IMPACT was designed after talking to too many small business owners who feel stuck or stagnant, who desperately want to get out of that rut. People who know they can and should progress their business. They need a nudge or a leg-up, a bit of a lift.

Elite Performance Psychology

“Ooh, sounds interesting. Sounds like it was made for me, in fact”. Yep, I heard that, too! Utilising elite performance psychology, we can help you identify EXACTLY what your strengths are and where they lie, then show you how to use them in your business to your best advantage:

  • Learn how to define your business outcome, so you have control over WHAT happens and WHEN. You have the power, no excuses.
  • Learn how to take the right action at the right time, constantly and consistently.
  • Easily overcome mental challenges, no matter what they are. We all have them!
  • Learn how to use adaptability as a business strength so never be paralysed by uncertainty again.
  • Create productivity habits that drive a business forward. Stop procrastinating: NOW.
  • Work within a hand-picked, specially-selected group for active, mutual support. Your own alliance.

Still sounds good, n’est pas? “Yes, Becky, excellent in fact – sign me up!” All in good time… 

The Power of Coaching and Mentoring

Now, I KNOW the power of coaching and finding the right mentors. Because of this, I know how wonderful it feels to be empowered, set boundaries and make positive changes: to NEVER settle for less than you deserve. My own coach and subsequent mentors have helped me make that difference – not just in business but also in life.  IMPACT is designed for small business owners as we know the challenges and we know how to overcome them. Primarily, Impact is for one-person-bands in a service-based industry. Typically, you’ll constantly be juggling, dropping balls (or plates), wearing too many hats and various other clichés.

IMPACT came about after working with my magnificent mentor, Alan Millsop, on Spotlight Profiling. The accuracy amazed me and enabled me to recognise strengths that could benefit my business. Also, I learned about how best to adapt my working practices to suit any situation.

My other marvellous mentor, Paul Snell, is, like me, an NLP specialist. NLP is “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, for the uninitiated. And if you ARE uninitiated, read up on this incredible tool.  We understand the power of language behind the words we use to OURSELVES. NLP is a subconscious version of reading between the lines: how our words to ourselves can positively OR negatively affect our business. Paul enabled me to focus on my business a couple of years ago. His mentoring gave me incredible confidence in myself – AND in my business.

Now, all three of us are working together to give you this power, too. 

The Power of Three

IMPACT is a collaboration between these two talented, expert mentors and me. Both NLP and Spotlight are about intervention, more than pure coaching. We’ll kick off with a Spotlight session:

  • for self-awareness
  • to identify your ultimate goals
  • to lay the foundations
  • to build a highly successful programme for YOU.

Then, we’ll move on to group sessions to help you make your IMPACT.

The group sessions will also involve certain aspects tailored entirely to you and your business. We’ll address everything you need to achieve your ideal outcome, from focused decision making to mindset, from self-awareness to increased positivity. IMPACT will give you the momentum and culture of positive change to generate long-lasting and life-changing personal AND professional development outcomes.

CHOOSE to Make an Impact

As we work together, IMPACT will equip you with an efficient toolkit to use time and time again. “Ohhh, ok Becky, NOW you’ve got me. Not just a quick fix, coaching course and back to same old, same old then?” NO! This is where you CHOOSE to make your business succeed, where you CHOOSE to make an impact.

Ultimately, you’ll aim to achieve better performance (of both self AND team if applicable), leading to increased profit while working to your strengths and spending more time doing things YOU enjoy.  In a nutshell, with the Westfield way of no bullshit, kick-ass coaching coupled with bloody magic mentoring, we’ll have you running like a well-oiled machine.

 Go on. NOW you can book that call